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RPG etiquette
by whochick (whochick)
at October 6th, 2005 (05:59 pm)

Due to the fact that many of us are new to this whole crazy rpg thing, and that some of us who aren't so new have quirked our cyberspace eyebrows at things that have happened, I thought it prudent to clarify a few choice points that I've then attempted to discuss.

Generally, it is not considered polite to write dialogue, action, reaction etc for another person's character in an rpg.

The name of the game is role-playing, if you take on the task of writing another person's player then you're essentially role-playing that character as well as your own. Some players will be more flexible on this than others, not really minding if you write simple responses for their characters in your post/comment. The trick is to ask your fellow players what is okay by them and watch how they role-play too.

An rpg may or may not have a plot.

Some timelines at rpgwho may have been roughly plotted out in terms of major events prior to the timeline commencing, other groups of players will be totally winging it! If you're new to a timeline, check if they have a cunning plan you can add to or alter with them to accomadate your character.

Villains have special privileges - but even they need to share the love.

When rpgwho was first founded, a vote was taken among players where it was decided that a villain need not ask the players of a timeline before joining in (they can simply crash it), however, they need to work with the other players once joined to create a story that does not totally subsume the original intentions of the other players. That way, villains have the freedom to execute their evil plans without letting all the prior hard work of other players go to waste.

If any of these etiquette points need clarification, or re-asessing by vote or discussion then feel free to comment.

Also, this has been x-posted to rpgwho because some players still haven't joined oocwho.


Posted by: J-man (melkuroftraken)
Posted at: October 10th, 2005 02:11 am (UTC)

Let's hope all the right people read it...

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