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(3) Disquiet intangible.
by doctor3 (doctor3)
at September 8th, 2005 (04:35 pm)

Nick glanced up from his paper and around the employee breakroom. Everything was normal. Steven was reading one of his normal westerns. Alan was microwaving his normal TV dinner. George wasn't in his normal seat--he had suddenly started eating his lunches out last thursday. Speculation was rampant that he was beginning an affair, but Nick made it a point to avoid gossip. Chris was dispalying his normal temperment--this time directed at the vending machine.
"No bloody peanuts?" Chris turned around, catching Nick's eye before he could glance away. "Well how do you like that?"
Nick allowed himself a moment before responding. "I thought you were the only one who ate those." It was true. In an office full of sweet tooths Chris was diabetic. There hadn't been peanuts in the machine until Chris had demanded them, and they never ran out--come to think of it, the man had just refilled the machine monday.
Chris shook his head and sat down beside Nick. "Brilliant."
Nick glanced around the room for all the world as if seeking an excape route. His gaze returned as Chris's narrative resumed. "So my wife says she needs all new clothes. Like all browns and greens and stuff."
"Earth tones," said Nick.
"But she's always wore bright red and stuff."
"Jewel tones," said Nick.
"Whatever. Anyway, it's crazy--like out of nowhere. Women, huh?"
Nick hated those comments, feeling they tended to perpetuate sexist stereotypes. He was more uncomfortable, however, with confrontation and settled for his usual compromise--mumbling incoherently in what was not technically but sure to be taken as agreement.
Outside, an unseasonably strong wind kicked up--but for the most part, everything was normal.
The Doctor focused on the wind whipping through his hair as he let his foot descend on Bessie's accelorator. This made for a nice break. Frustration built up over hours of fruitless attempts with the TARDIS melted away. He threw the wheel into a tight spin, revelling in the adrenaline rush as he raced into UNIT headquarters at well over five times the alleged speed limit and stopped abruptly several feet short of the building. "Well, back to the lion's den."
The Doctor leapt to the ground and made his way regretfully inside.

The 1947 Show
by iris__wildthyme (iris__wildthyme)
at September 7th, 2005 (02:29 pm)

we're feeling: recumbent
tardis radio: The Plutonian Symphoney..the Hits of Oasis 1990-2035

Relaxing in her now , thanks to Davinci, newly repainted Tardis interior , Iris relaxed by the fountain that trickled done, with a mint tea and a nice cream puff.

Her little problems all seemed a thing of the past, that nasty Moxx of Balhoon , he had set her up over that deal with the Emperor Tragus the third in the 34th century, greed was a petty thing, sometimes revenge wasn't....still he would find the bacteria Iris had implanted in his intestines quite dormant for a year of so, but then, well lets say he wont ever enjoy meat again in the same way...poor boy.

The nice fresco that Davinci had painted, it looked quite nice, she wasnt sure about the ascent of man image being quite right for her Tardis, but Time Lady or not, she doesn't take her clothes of for any tom , dick or Leonardo.....

Sometimes. Being this good wasn't much fun, but this her 5th regeneration, she was quite struck with her look, the red suited her, but there was something missing from her life , something HE found very easy to come by. A companion.

HE seemed to pick them up quite easily, she sometimes had to kidnap hers almost, and she missed the wide eyed wonder of there amazement , when facing a rampaging horde of dalek , or advancing Auton attack, how did HE do it, she pondered to herself for a minute and went back to eating her cream puff, with real orion nebula cream.

Maybe she should go to earth and pick up some hunk to take to the stars..............

~: the Eighth Doctor :~ [userpic]
(8) Betrayal and Allies
by ~: the Eighth Doctor :~ (8thdoc)
at September 1st, 2005 (04:58 pm)

we're feeling: angry

"We're locked on to a remote course!" The Doctor groaned, letting his head hang as he leant on the console. "They must have configured the beacon to lock onto the TARDIS once we got a certain distance from the Eleven Day Empire! Stupid, stupid, stupid!" He railed, turning to her and shaking his head in disbelief. "I knew I shouldn't have trusted them, I knew it!"

Suddenly he turned his face towards the TARDIS doors and bellowed, "I told you I was going to help you! I gave you my word and still you won't trust me. No wonder you're stuck skulking around the fringes of time and space, everyone's sick and tired of your subterfuge and meddling ways!"

Then he did something he hadn't done in centuries. He really ... really ... lost his temper.
He picked up the book ...Collapse )

(8+) Artistic License
by Evelyn Smythe (evelynsmythe)
at August 29th, 2005 (10:35 pm)

Evelyn Smythe could hardly believe her good fortune. Through a series of unexpected events, she found herself in possession of an invitation to one of the most anticipated events in the art world.

I'm here, she thought as she mounted the marble steps of the world-renowned private gallery. I'm actually here. She felt an almost giddy, girlish excitement.

The first public display of a previously unknown sketch by the great master, Leonardo DaVinci, was being celebrated with a private party to which only a select few had been invited. Art historians, scholars, heads of state, government officials, celebrities -- an intimate 125 guests. Evelyn, of course, was none of these things. She was a lowly university history professor who happened to be on very good terms with a Nobel Laureate. A Laureate with a very bad case of the flu and an invitation that would merely go to waste if not used.

And so here she was, feeling very much like Cinderella about to enter the Ball; not quite what she seemed but determined to enjoy herself until she was caught or turned into a pumpkin.

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whochick [userpic]
OOC - Welcome Jo Grant!
by whochick (whochick)
at August 26th, 2005 (12:24 am)

A big warm welcome to jo_grant_rpg aka insaneizzi ... we have a (3) TL in the making people! Jo, if you need a hand hashing out a premise for your first story arc with your Third Doctor, let me know ;) Otherwise I'll leave it to you to contact him and get the ball rolling!

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(9) The Big Bad Wolf
by I am the Master! (true_master)
at August 21st, 2005 (06:14 pm)

The Pod erupted openCollapse )

The Daleks [userpic]
(6) Lone Hunter
by The Daleks (x_terminate)
at August 20th, 2005 (09:52 pm)

There was only one dalek left in the volcano now, following the heat prints left by some creature that had passed along there. No, two creatures, the dalek could see traces of two sets of footprints. These were no cybermen, these were made by a warm-blooded creature. Since there were no records of such creatures found on this planet, this was an anomaly that needed to be investigated.

The Dalek came round the corner where the last of the cybermen could be seen down the hall in another room. Hiding near the side of the wall were the outlines of the Doctor and Jo. The logic processes within the dalek machine whirred faster, realizing what the creature was that he was tracking. That colorful outfit and curly hair was known to the entire dalek race. Forgetting entirely about the cybermen, the dalek moved forward with a hysterical cry,


~: the Eighth Doctor :~ [userpic]
(8) Time to face the music
by ~: the Eighth Doctor :~ (8thdoc)
at August 19th, 2005 (03:57 pm)

Compassion hadn't wanted to go, but unsurprisingly it was Fitz who put up the loudest and most marked objections to the Doctor's plans.

The Doctor simply didn't have the energy for arguments ...Collapse )

whochick [userpic]
welcome to the Third Doctor/Sontarans/the Rani
by whochick (whochick)
at August 14th, 2005 (05:14 pm)

Just a quick little welcome to doctor3, sontarans and nemesises. Please make our newest player feel welcome :)

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~: the Eighth Doctor :~ [userpic]
(8) This isn't Venice ...
by ~: the Eighth Doctor :~ (8thdoc)
at August 11th, 2005 (04:30 pm)

The Doctor's eyes fluttered open. He stared at the gloomy plaster ceiling, expecting to hear the distant noise of markets and musicians. It was Saturday, wasn't it?

He sat bolt upright, hair in wild disarray. "This isn't Venice," he told the room's four other occupants. ...Collapse )