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The Long Goodbye

Okay, now I doubt that there are many people still watching this old comm, but on the off chance that you are, I just wanted to say that someone has expressed interest in taking over from me ... and since I haven't so much as made a squeak here in ever so long, I've handed over to the14thdr.

I don't know a darned thing about him/her, but there's something to be said for enthusiasm.

Basically, this is me signing off as your mod (and participant) for the forseeable future. All the best to those of who whom I knew, and welcome to those of you who will form the second generation of this game.

4: It's Not In The Script, 4

(2) Leaf on the Solar Wind

[[It should be noted that the Second Doctor in this timeline is a post-War-Games Doctor, and that he is traveling with an older Victoria, whom he picked up from Earth some time after The Three Doctors. That said, on with the show.]]

"It's no good," grumbled the Doctor at last. "Most of it is all right, but the vortex stabilizer Collapse )
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3, 3: Dizzy Dizzy Doctor!

(2) Red Caps and Kapos

Continued from here. Ten points to anyone who gets the subject reference!

The Doctor had been blown halfway to nowhere without a hat. Of course he'd picked up the first hat he saw. Wouldn't anybody? Especially with that fancy feather in the rim? And of course it turned out to be a soldier's hat -- didn't it always -- instantly recognizable to the other soldiers who, as might have been expected, thundered up minutes after he'd put the thing on.

There was one difference, this time. The soldiers were intelligent enough to recognize that nobody on the planet looked remotely like the Doctor, and open-minded enough not to assume him a spy from some hypothetical space invasion. They watched him, of course, but generally treated him civilly; and given past experiences, he wasn't sure whether to find that endearing or suspicious.

Naturally they couldn't allow him to wander around the camp unattended, so they'd stuck him in a hospital tent. He knew he should be trying to escape and locate Jamie and Victoria -- who knew where they'd landed after that freak time-storm? -- but the technology level here was frankly appalling. Within six minutes, he was shouting for hot water and helping a burly healer stitch up a gaping wound in a soldier's side.

It seemed like hours later when shouting outside alerted them to a new group of patients being brought in. Captives, of course, were last on line for medical treatment, but the Doctor, passing the group on the way to another patient, glimpsed a familiar face and shoved the guards aside.


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2, 2: Meh

(2) Two Doctors, two destinies.....

Continued from here.

The Doctor crawled out of the rude tent, emitted a gaping yawn, and stretched his aching limbs. Some kind soul had left him a bucket of water; he dipped his finger in, snatching it out in shock at the burning cold. There was nothing for it, though. With a grimace at the impending discomfort, he slapped a bit at his unruly hair, pulled his jacket straight, plunged both hands into the water, and vigorously scrubbed his face.

Dawn had long since broken, but the sun was hidden by roiling clouds; ominous auroras flickered across the sky and the wind blew dry and cold. The camp was bustling; stern, angry warriors, amusingly colorful in their armor and paints, carried supplies or polished weapons or drilled on the distant slopes. Twenty rows of shelters, eight men to a unit, ranged in a ragged line along the side of a desolate hill.... thousands of warriors had dug in here, all waiting for an unspecified sign from some unspecified threat. Whatever it was, thought the Doctor, it looked as though they were ready to meet it without any help from him.

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(MOD) Incentives for 2006

In addition to the joy of role-playing some of our favourite Doctor Who characters, I've been thinking about introducing a few lj-related incentives designed to encourage good writing and frequent updating.

So, each month this year the following awards will be handed out -

Fast Return Switch Award - for the timeline with the most frequent updating via comments|posts.
Temporal Destiny Award - for the timeline with the best plot developments.
Blinovitch, Sminovitch Award - for the timeline with the most blatant disregard for cannon.

Each award will consist of a banner that will be personalised with the names of the players and timeline for use in your own journals and other communities. The awards will be anonymously voted on in oocwho, so if you've still not joined, please do so. The first round of voting will finish in the first week of March for the month of February ... so get writing!

- whochick
reading recs

(MOD) Co-mod position(s) available

With the recent resignation of imsupergirl from the position of co-moderator due to time constraints, I'm just wondering if anyone else is interested in helping make rpgwho bigger and better in 2006?

If so, please email me with your expression of interest.

Duties would involve:

* General modding - making sure rules are followed etc etc (not that there are many)
* Dispute settling (not that we've ever had any)
* Encouraging flagging timelines
* Advertising for new players
* Thinking of initiatives to improve the game

Thanks - whochick
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(4) Uagarian Explanation

D'anu stood regally up from his chair and offered his hands palms up. "This is orientation program #026: newcomers to Uagar. Welcome."

Harry rubbed his head where the I's had been put in rememberance. "I'd hate to see what would happen if we were unwelcome..." D'anu looked annoyed at being interrupted, but he continued. "The world you saw as you arrived is what Uagar has been since the big wars of long ago. Since then, our society is underground and we have developed other means of surviving. This" he swept his hand around "is a metal network that connects us all to each other. The ultimate community in the most flexible of settings." He smiled as if waiting for the others to be impressed. They weren't. He frowned and went on, "This is the orientation program where one learns what he is born into. There are no exceptions, the virtual world IS Uagar. The outside world is a mere formality. It is within this system you shall live and be trained for the Crossover leading to the Great Reality." He sat down. "End program."

And the council disappeared leaving the three back into the same cavern they had entered when they first arrived. The I's were visible on their heads and everyone had dispersed and gone about their business. Harry blinked a couple times...."Blimey. Was it real?"