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harrysullivan [userpic]
(4) Stuck at the perimeter
by harrysullivan (harrysullivan)
at June 23rd, 2005 (11:41 pm)

The young corporal was pretty insistent on them being turned aside, but Harry wasn't about to let this fresh faced yuppie to keep them from whatever party was going on inside the base. "Now see here my good man," he started again. "I'm Lieutenant Harry Sullivan and I work in U.N.I.T. The Brigadier is a close mate of ours, surely he could spare a moment..."

"But he can't and he won't," the corporal cut him off in mid sentence. "Get a move on you lot. Nothing to see here."

Harry could sense Sarah move up next to him. Good old Sarah, she had no intention of being turned aside either. The corporal was starting to shove them back toward the beach with the side of his rifle. "I say, no need to get rough."

"Get moving, tourists." More shoving with the rifle.

"We are not tourists...well, we are, but we aren't." Harry was getting exasperated by the absurdity of the situation. "Look, we are with U.N.I.T., I'll prove it. Just bring us to the Brigadier and he'll recognize the Doc...." That's funny, where was the Doctor? He was standing with them a moment ago.


Posted by: sarahjanesmth (sarahjanesmth)
Posted at: June 25th, 2005 03:20 pm (UTC)

Sarah sighed with exasperation. Americans. Always strutting out jaw first...never realizing how easy it is to break. "Look here", Sarah said to the guard, "if you'll just pass our names along to the Brigadier, i'm sure he'll want to see us. Can you at least do THAT for us?"


Further along down the beach, far away from the commotion being stirred up by Harry and Sarah Jane, the two young women that Harry met on the beach earlier were makingh thier way down towards an outcropping of rocks and shaols down along the shoreline. Missy, who was tall, blonde and statuseque, moved carefully, as she hadn't had the foresight to bring a pair of shoes along...not expecting to go this far. her friend Janet, shorter, but every bit as voulptous, and just as blonde...urged missy along.

"C'mon Missy! I hear there's a great place to go sunbathing in private over here!!"

Missy stumbled over the the mixture of rocky and sandy terrain, calling after her friend. "Awlright, awlright, keep your panties on! i'm coming! Sheesh! Not like you've never flashed yours in front of the whole town before..."

As missy climbed up the hill, she saw that Janet was no longer anywhere in sight. it was as if she just...vasnished! But that wasn't possible, was it? Missy stumbled down the hill looked around for her. there were several groupings of cave entrances, perhaps she went inside one of them?

Janet? Janet, this isn't goddamn funny! janet, you get out here right now!" Missy started to shiver as she saw a shadow creep up behind her, a shadow that most definetly did not resemble her friend Janet.


Missy screamed as a scaly green gand sprung around and grabbed her, muffling her mouth, and ensnaring her slim body...the arms were strong...stronger than anything she'd ever felt before...she tried to look at her attacker's face but her eyes were partially covered. She could see motion however, as if more of the scaly green things were coming. then she felt a sharp searing poke in her arm, and wondered if it would leave a bruise. How stupid was that at a time like this? As she slipped into unconsiousness, she wondered if that was the last thought she ever may have again.

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